Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Person Is A Person No Matter How Small

Monday we went to the Movie "Horton Hears A Who" at the Dollar Movie for only fifty cents each (Monday discount). We all enjoyed the movie, especially Isaac. He found a Pop-Up version of the story at the library yesterday and has been carrying it around for the last 24 hours. Also Isaac's Dad (Mike) picked up the DVD (the book version) at Wal-Mart lastnight. Therefore the thought for the week is the famous qoute from Horton "A Person Is A Person No Matter How Small." I Love that quote, it makes me think of how important children are and the Unborn children as well. There are a lot of ways you can think of that statement and come up with some great things. I have always had a great love for many Dr. Seuss books although a few of the less popular ones can be too political.

Anyway the latest health issue we are dealing with Isaac is his nose-bleeds again and headaches. Last-night he had a severe headache, so I gave him an Asprin and applejuice, then put him to bed. I went to check on him later that night and his face and hands were covered in dry blood (the most I have ever seen on him). It took a lot to clean him up, which woke him up. Then I had to stay up very late with him (until 2AM) to help stop the bleeding that started when I cleaned him up. I will have to reduce his dose of Asprin to half a tablet per day or less. Everytime I give what the doctor recommends, he bleeds too much. His cough has almost disappeared, so he is pretty much over the Para-influenza virus.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

June is Busting Out All Over With Excitement

Isaac learned in Preschool about the calander and what month we are currently in. For about a week he has been asking when will June be here. Last night just before he went to sleep he found out June would be here within minutes. At just about three minutes before midnight he began watching each minute change on the digital clock by the bed. Every minute he would come running out of the room to tell Daddy and Mommy what time it was. It seemed like we were bringing in the New Year again. He was so excited at midnight when it became June, he continued to get excited as each minute passed even after midnight, this went on for over forty minutes. We could hardly calm him down, it was so cute. He usually isn't up that late, and he even was having a hard time keeping his eyes open until his second wind hit with the excitement.