Friday, December 21, 2007

Another Flu Bug!

Anybody have some good Flu Bug Repellent? Isaac had the flu shot but got one that it probably missed. At around 6:30 this morning he woke me up crying because his heart was "Beeping" (that is what he calls it when his heart races or pounds too hard). I got him his heart medicine to see if that would help and tried to go back to sleep. He kept waking up lethargically and complaining about his heart. Around 7:45AM he started coughing like he was going to vomit. A few minutes after 8AM he threw up. It was scary because he was so pale and sick. He went back to sleep and threw up a couple more times throughout the morning. Late morning he started to feel better and act more normal. He really had me worried, I thought it would turn into a hospital visit. I was fortunate my neighbor was willing to take them to school, especially when we had a big snow storm hit us in the middle of the night. If anybody notices, our family seems to get sick a lot and that is why I get so nervous about normal everyday things like school during flu season. We are extra cautious and do a lot of hand washing, hand sanitizer, not touching common surfaces when we can avoid it, etc. I was thinking last night "I am so thankful we are healthy right now". Not a healthy day ever goes by without me remembering to be thankful for it. If you are feeling good today, don't take it for granted. When you feel good, take time to give service, even if it is just a quick call or dropping off something special for someone. It doesn't always take money, just a minute of your time.