Monday, December 26, 2016

2016 Update

Isaac over-all had a good and healthy year. Isaac started eighth grade in the Fall. Isaac was diagnosed with liver disease in December of 2015 and we procrastinated getting his liver biopsy until the 14th of December this year. Isaac had a couple of procedures on the 14th, and the esophagus shows no varicies which is a good sign, his biopsy came back showing he has focal bridging Fibrosis Stage 3, and Mild portal Gastropathy.  I will have to research to understand what all of this means, since doctors do not have time to explain details and teach a course about the liver. Anyway, he says we do not have to see him for six months, which is usually a sign that I do not need to worry. Isaac will have an ultrasound to followup on his liver to see how it is doing and an echocardiogram around the same time to followup on his heart situation.