Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Microtia Surgery Stage 1 (re-Do)

For some of you, you might remember Isaac having reconstructive surgery almost two years ago on his left ear. I just didn't feel good about the first surgery, almost every aspect of it. I feel bad I put Isaac through a painful surgery again, especially when it turned out to be a mistake. This time I feel bad he has to go through so much pain, however, I feel that the surgeon is perfect for the job. After much thought I went to doctor Siddiqui (a very skilled plastic surgeon I met at Primary Children's Medical Center in 2003), to see if he could do Isaac's second stage of Microtia Surgery. Dr. Siddiqui looked at it and said it was not done right and needed to be redone. He reffered Isaac to Dr Grant R. Fairbanks (a plastic surgeon/sculptor) who does re-do's as they call it. Doctor Fairbanks glady took Isaac as his patient, and carefully planned out the reconstruction of Isaac's ear. Doctor Fairbanks is one who takes great pride in his work and thinks out the best scenario for his patients best interest. He takes the time to do everything extremely well and considers the patients future like no other. I have been very impressed by his caring hands in giving the best for Isaac. He is truly a doctor who cares about the welfare of each patient, going well beyond the call of duty. I am thankful Isaac was lead to such a skilled and caring surgeon and I feel he will be the best to complete the next two steps of Isaac's ear reconstruction.
Isaac's surgery went as well as planned. After surgery, recovery was a long process. Isaac retained a lot of fluid, which gave him some setbacks for a few days. Also, Isaac has had a lot of chest pain, due to rib grafts and removal of one rib. Isaac came home after about five days in the hospital. His ear and chest are healing well with no signs of infection. I expect his chest will continue to be very sore for a while.
At the end of July Isaac will be attending second Grade at CopperHills Elementary. We are excited to work with Mrs. Wright (his new teacher). We look forward to a sucessful school year.