Friday, January 11, 2008

Birthday Cards for Isaac

The Birthday cards have already started arriving for Isaac. The first one he opened was from Rosalyn (his friend that lives in SanDiego), it was a hotwheel card with cool sounds of a car revving it up. His second card was from his Grandma "Reenie" and it was a cute monster truck card. He loves the cards they are all great. Isaac is so excited for his birthday, I hope it is all he expects it to be and more. This is such a miracle he is able to reach this milestone, especially when the doctors looked at us with so little hope before he was born. What a blessing it is to see him grow and develop. Isaac has some amazing qualities and we all love him so much. Isaac will be Five Years Old on Monday. I think I'll give him a break from the well child visit with shots for a couple of weeks, No need to make him feel miserable with sore legs on his birthday. We have a party planned with some of his friends next Friday, we are combining it with his sister Brianna's Birthday Party.
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