Saturday, May 2, 2009

May Update

Isaac has been staying fairly healthy since my last post. He went to the Cardiologist a few weeks ago and had his scheduled Echocardiogram. Dr. Puchalski met with us after and said his tricuspid valve still leaks the same, and his fenestration in his "Fontan" had not closed like we previously thought. Isaac's SAT's were in the low 80's when he was checked that day, and the doctor said they were a little lower than what he was comfortable with, but he said he would leave it alone for now. However, if his SAT's don't improve he will have Isaac go in for a Heart Catherization and have the hole closed. Isaac's insurance isn't really very good right now, so I hope we can wait for better Insurance after Mike changes jobs.

Currently Isaac spends a lot of his spare time playing video games and watching his favorite shows. He is finally enjoying Kindergarten a lot more, although he still enjoys staying home more than anything. I am nervous about him going to first grade all day soon, but I'll get over it. It's hard watching my baby grow up and leave the nest all-day.