Friday, April 11, 2008

Croup Again

As I have previously mentioned Isaac gets croup often. Early Monday morning Isaac started with the dry croupy cough and a sore throat. The sore throat bothered him the most especially when it was restricted. We went to the pediatrician to get the steroids and he suffered for about three days with the sore throat. Isaac still has the congested nose with post nasal drip, however he is much happier. Isaac's oldest sister Lauren caught the sore throat and was miserable for almost two days, she is improved but still has the nasal congestion also. Allergies are part of this time of year too, it's sometimes hard to tell the difference. We look forward to the warm temperatures although they bring the allergies.

I hurt my foot on Monday and thought that I had broke a bone, so I was at the doctor Tuesday getting X-Rayed. I just got a bone bruise thankfully, however all of the things lately with our health has put me behind with my daily chores which makes me feel overwhelmed especially when PMS hits at the same time. So I can't seem to trad water even right now and losing Medicade is making it difficult to handle the stress some days. I requested a hearing and will fight it to the end, I will WIN. I am so sick of the games they play.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Baby Steps in Toilet Training

How Dare You Take My Picture on the Potty!
Don't mind the partially nude photo. Isaac is taking some baby steps in potty training. It feels like it will take forever, but were happy he's taking a few tiny steps forward. He actually sits on the toilet for his teachers at preschool now, and claims to actually get some fluid in the pot. This is more than he has ever done. Isaac is actually pulling a silly face for me, he is quite the comedian.