Thursday, July 14, 2011

Big Bandage is gone

Here is a picture of Isaac and Dr. Grant A. Fairbanks (the Famous Plastic Surgeon/sculptor) who has been building Isaac's ear since July 2010. Isaac is very pleased with Dr. Fairbanks and his work. Isaac absoluely loves his new ear and couldn't be happier. The previous surgeon was an Ear Nose and Throat doctor, who messed it up during the first reconstructive surgery. Isaac had his big bandage removed this morning, and I was able to see his new ear for the first time. The ear looks a liitle swollen, but it looks pink and healthy. Isaac is feeling great and is excited that his ear is progressing well. Now Isaac will wear the "Glasscock Ear Protector" for a few weeks until the doctor says for him to take it off.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Recovering Well

Isaac had his 3rd Stage ear reconstruction last Wednesday, and is doing well. The surgery took 4 hours. He had skin grafts taken from the pelvic area in two places, much like hernia surgery. The skin grafts were cut into almond shapes and placed on the back of his ear. Isaac complained about pain from his ear first and then the pelvic area 2nd, the numbing cream probably lasted on the pelvic area longer than any pain medicine he recieved during surgery. The first few hours after surgery were the worst as they usually are; he was vomitting constantly for several hours. After the Narcotics wore off he was much better and went home on just Tylenol and ice packs. For several days Isaac had to have Tylenol every 4-5 hours, however today he has said that he doesn't have enough pain to need Tylenol. He has missed having baths, but enjoyed a sponge bath the other night. Isaac especially enjoyed the part where I forgot I had a bucket of water on my bed and sat in it by mistake and soaked my pj's, the bed and the floor. He was laughing for a while, and so was I. Isaac has been out of the house a few times, and really gets the looks at his bandage. He is thankful nobody has laughed at him, and is confident enough to go in public now. On Thursday he will have the large bandage removed and have a plastic cup to wear on his ear called a "Glasscock Ear Protector". We are anxious to see how well his ear surgery turned out. Thanks for all of the prayers in Isaac's behalf, they truly have helped.