Friday, June 27, 2008


As a Family we went to see Wall-E today. We are fortunate to have Five Star Cinema within walking distance of our house, we saw the Matinee for only $4.25 each. Where can you see a first rate movie for such a great price? Anyway, we all enjoyed the movie and it was nice to go out as a family. Isaac has been pretending he is Wall-E all day.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hollywood Fun and More

We went to Hollywood Connection for their Tuesday Special "One Dollar Skate". We skated for a LITTLE while, my kids and their friend Maci actually wore out before me! I finally found something that I can endure longer than my kids. Don't mind my gloating, but is exciting when you are over 40 and kids under the age of Ten wear out before you. I had to show off a little for my kids, they never saw me skate in their lifetime and it is my only real talent sportswise.

I pushed Isaac around in his wheelchair on the skate floor a few times around and he was ready to go back to the carpet to watch me after only a few times around. Maybe I was going too fast, Isaac tells me now, I was going too fast.

After we were done skating we rode a couple of rides, Isaac says he loved this bus ride the most, it was his first time riding it.

Next the kids rode the carousel

After we went upstairs to play a couple of games and headed for home, we stopped at Winder Dairy for Milk, Bread and some Ice Cream. The Ice Cream was a real treat.