Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"Now All The Monkeys Aren't In The Zoo

Everyday YOU Meet Quite A Few"
Isaac went to the Zoo with his Preschool Class Today. The weather was pretty nice, and I got in some great exercise (The zoo has a lot of hills everywhere). Isaac enjoyed the ride most of the time in his wheelchair/stroller. We had a short visit at the zoo and had to move quickly to see most of it.

If you have time check out Lauren's blog linked from here, she worked VERY hard on the science fair and did a wonderful project. Her LAME teacher (the nicest words I could find). Said it was BAD because she thought it didn't have anything to do with weather and thought it was all about Space (4th grade curriculum is required) Anyway read it and judge for yourself. We are mad as heck because she worked so hard and did a beautiful job and her teacher didn't have one nice thing to say. If you have time leave Lauren a comment, she hardly gets any visits. We are anxious to finish the school year and move on to the next, I know her Teacher next year will be much better (we already met her and love her).

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Isaac & Zippy

Isaac loves his Teddy Bear named "Zippy" and Zippy loves Isaac. They both have hearts on the "Right" side and zipper scars on their chests. They are both also cuddly, soft, and full of love. Isaac's letter of the week was "Z" so he took Zippy to school for show and tell. However, the other kids in school don't really know Isaac is much different than they are on the inside (which is kind of good for now, although it is not a secret).
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