Thursday, March 20, 2008

Basket Case Today Hope 4 Better Tomorrow

I am having one of those stressed days again. Isaac's Medicade coverage was terminated because I didn't jump through their hoops good enough. I am really frusterated, especially because I gave the Medicade office the documents they needed as soon as I found out they needed them and they still decided to terminate his coverage. They seem to be so ruthless. I fortunately just got him new primary insurance, however I am worried that they will call a lot of his issues "Pre-existing". I am so stressed I have been having anxiety attacks and I hope I can calm down soon.
Isaac wen to the dentist today and didn't cooperate well, however it improved from the last time. He is getting close to losing one of his bottom front teeth because the permanent one is barely underneath it. Isaac has been crying off and on for two days from the pain from his teething. Isaac's teeth are very tight and crooked where it is trying to come in, I hope I can help him deal with the pain without having to use too much ibuprofen. Right now he is Okay because I gave him some ibuprofen to deal with the pain. He is really cranky today, and so am I. I think I'll go upstairs and take a nap and see if he will take one too.