Thursday, August 13, 2009

Big Leap in The Right Direction

Isaac has had difficulty trying so sleep in his own bed since his crib was taken away. We have tried everything we could come up with to get him to sleep in it, other than tying him to it. This week his Dad has had the flu, coughing sneezing and so on, we told him if he slept next to Dad, he might catch it and get sick. He tried sleeping in his bed the first couple of nights, but couldn't stay more than five minutes. Finally last night before bed, we were talking about it and he decided if he could get a sticker on his Chucky Cheeses chart he would do it. He did it and he said he wasn't even scared, and stayed there the whole night. We are all so excited, but nobody is more excited than Daddy. Daddy has struggled with this for a very long time and lost lots of sleep, especially after being kicked and pushed.