Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

We are waiting patiently to ring in the New Year in about 20 minutes. We are gradually feeling better. Lauren is going crazy with chest congestion. Isaac is really tired and ready to go to sleep. Brianna is ready to go outside and make noise. Brianna is really bugged that we are not in San Diego this year where it is warmer and has fireworks to see from our hotel balcony. We had the most wonderful New Years weekend last year in San Diego, thanks to Make-A-Wish.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Looking forward to a Happy New Year

Today I think we will all stay home. My voice is fading in and out. I think it is my version of "The Croup". We have all been having flu symptoms on and off for days now. Isaac's health seems to be improving. I hope this doesn't set the pace for the New Year. We will just have our own little New Years Party at home where we snack on fattening empty calorie foods and yell Happy New Year out the front door. I hope I can Yell, "Happy New Year". Just Incase I can't yell Happy New Year tommorrow, here it goes..."HAPPY NEW YEAR!"

Isaac understands that Christmas is over and won't be bugging us saying "Is Santa going to come down the chimney?" The New phrase for the next two weeks is "Is it my Birthday?" and we all answer "No, not yet." He does this several times a day and gets upset when we say No. I might have to keep it a secret from him that we will have a party with his friends a few days later. Unless we want to hear something like "Is my party today?" over and over.
Don't get me wrong, I am glad Isaac is going through this stage it is cute and it will be a funny memory later. I still have the perspective knowing that I could be completely missing these stages if he weren't here. I am so thankful I get to enjoy the time I have with my kids, they grow up so fast.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Yesterday's Croup Todays Head Cold

Yesterday Isaac went to the doctor & got another dose of Decadron (Dexamethazone is the generic form). Isaac is breathing better, however he still has the head cold that brought on the croup. He has been enjoying his new toys.
The girls are back to their usual argueing while they try to clean up their room. I have to go settle their battle. So the update is short today.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Croup 4 Christmas!

On Christmas Eve Isaac woke up about 3:30 with croup. I did the usual stuff for croup, first was cold saline in the Nebulizer, second I gave him Dexamethazone (a steroid) to open his airway. We got so little sleep the last two days are kind of a blur and blend together. Christmas Eve he went to bed earlier than usual but still very late for a kid, only to wake up again at 1:30 AM with croup problems again, repeating the croup treatment (saline and steroids). He figured out Santa had just come and had to start ripping open presents, He would open one and then say "Where is my name, Where is my name?" Meaning "Where is another present with my name on it?" Isaac opened everything he could find saving only three he couldn't find to open later that morning. Then everyone but me stayed up to watch "Rattatouie" (because I was up until almost One AM doing Santa business). Isaac woke up again at 8:30 in the morning with more croup and a Saline treatment. After, he had everyone wake up again to open presents. During all of this I was having extreme arthitis pain in my back due to the huge snowstorm that hit us on Christmas Eve. I did my best to let the kids enjoy their day, I let them play and be noisy, make messes etc. I went to bed last night late and very exhausted. I slept soundly most of the night only to have bad dreams about croup issues. Isaac has learned more about croup than anyone his age. I couldn't even count all the times Isaac has had croup on my fingers and toes if I wanted, I would run out. If you can't tell I'm worn out and frusterated. However, I still know that it could always be worse. I am thankful that it hasn't been as bad as it could be. I have learned well from the past and don't even want to go there with the possibilities. I feel my body fighting, I have swollen glands in my neck and minor headaches. I am hoping my body wins before I am down in bed.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Another Flu Bug!

Anybody have some good Flu Bug Repellent? Isaac had the flu shot but got one that it probably missed. At around 6:30 this morning he woke me up crying because his heart was "Beeping" (that is what he calls it when his heart races or pounds too hard). I got him his heart medicine to see if that would help and tried to go back to sleep. He kept waking up lethargically and complaining about his heart. Around 7:45AM he started coughing like he was going to vomit. A few minutes after 8AM he threw up. It was scary because he was so pale and sick. He went back to sleep and threw up a couple more times throughout the morning. Late morning he started to feel better and act more normal. He really had me worried, I thought it would turn into a hospital visit. I was fortunate my neighbor was willing to take them to school, especially when we had a big snow storm hit us in the middle of the night. If anybody notices, our family seems to get sick a lot and that is why I get so nervous about normal everyday things like school during flu season. We are extra cautious and do a lot of hand washing, hand sanitizer, not touching common surfaces when we can avoid it, etc. I was thinking last night "I am so thankful we are healthy right now". Not a healthy day ever goes by without me remembering to be thankful for it. If you are feeling good today, don't take it for granted. When you feel good, take time to give service, even if it is just a quick call or dropping off something special for someone. It doesn't always take money, just a minute of your time.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Polar Express

We had a Wonderful time on the Polar Express yesterday with many Make-A-Wish Families. The trip was sponsored by KBER radio, Trailways bus, Heber Valley Railroad, Cricket and Subway provided Lunch. This photo is from last year when we went, I didn't have good batteries for my camera yesterday. It was exciting to run into an old friend of ours from about ten years ago, although it was bittersweet. Her son is a "Wish Child" due to cancer, it breaks my heart to see them in their situation. All of the kids there were so cute. A few of the kids got up and sang Christmas carols solo something like Karaoke without any background music. The kids were amazing! On the train they handed out bells to the Believers they were all engraved with the words "Believe 2007" It was one trip we will remember for a long time.
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Friday, December 7, 2007

If there's Sunshine in Your Heart

You can send a shining ray that will turn the night today and your cares will all depart, if there's sunshine in your heart today.
Although it is over cast and gloomy weather today there is sunshine in my heart. I am happy that things are looking up for a little while for our family. I love this time of year when we hear from friends near and far all to wish us Merry Christmas. It's nice to get something besides Junk mail and Bills in the mail for a change.
My thoughts and prayers go out to Kyler and his family today, they are having a storm today. Kyler is having Heart Surgery. I pray for a beautiful Rainbow over him and his family. May they see pink in Kyler after seeing so much blue.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Miracles in reading

Last Night Isaac realized for the first time he could read Hop on Pop. It was so exciting to see him read the book with very little help. This was the first time he even tried reading the book. Last time we read the book it was several months ago when he had not put words together yet. Isaac is not even in Kindergarten yet and he can read and spell words so well, it is amazing. He is reading words younger than either of his sisters did at his age. Isaac loves the Library, it is his favorite place. It is interesting that Isaac loves the place I worked while I was expecting him as much as I do, maybe even more. Honestly I believe he was watching me from Heaven before he was born and grew to love it there. The Library is part of Heaven on Earth. I am sure my friends at the Library agree with that statement much of the time. Although I know there are people who occasionally come in the library making it an unpleasant experience. Some of what is so amazing about Isaac reading is that doctors predicted that before he was born he would have brain damage due to his Hydrocephalus. The doctor that first talked to us tried to convince us that Isaac had too many problems and might want to consider abortion. NEVER would I even consider it even if it meant I would die. I do not believe in taking away anyones chance at survival away. I am so thankful for the Many Miracles I've been able to experience as a mother. Many people would laugh at the things I see as miracles, the simplest things can be a miracle. It is all in your perspective. Once you get that perspective you see everything in a different light and you realize how blessed you really are.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Oh What a Day!

Monday morning Isaac started the morning with a bloody nose around 8am. Isaac had nose bleeds off an on throughout the day, at some of the most inconvenient times. On the Freeway coming home from the Cardiologist appointment, At 3:15am, 5:15am, 6:00am, and 7:00am. At 6am I prayed desparately for two hours sleep. I was really hoping my prayer would be answered with a yes, at 7:00am I gave up trying to sleep knowing it would just be interupted by more bleeding. Around 7:30am I was thinking Why was the answer No, (I am still feeling the stomach ache left over from the flu & I am really tired). At 8:00am I got my answer. Brianna's 1st grade school teacher called for help with her class due to a flat tire she was experiencing. I consented to help but had difficulty getting there on time with the chaos getting my three kids out the door plus the little girl I babysit. We got there a few minutes late and my kids had to report to the office for being late. I am wondering what the rest of the day will be like. I am hoping I can catch a nap before I turn into a moody mother. I am suprised I have maintained my cool all morning, I feel like an emotional basket case. Yesterday's Cardiology visit turned out Okay, I had good results as well as bad. Isaac's oxygen Saturation was between 90-92 (a complete miracle). His chest pain is still unexplained which worries me. He had two episodes of chest pain yesterday before we went to the Cardiologist both at times he was resting. The Cardiologist said when he has chest pain check his pulse, if it is over 200 bpm call him immediately. We will just keep a close eye on him for another six months and he will have an Echocardiogram then. Some of you hopefully understand my fear and frusteration. I worry myself sick sometimes that his tricuspid valve is leaking and wondering if he will be okay. I just continue to try to live each day to the fullest appreciating the fact that I can still hold him, laugh with him and enjoy watching him grow. I hope this roller coaster is ready for a long ride up and can stay steady for a while without any lower points than this. However I feel like a whimp compared to some of the other families going through tougher times than this, check other Heart family blogs and you'll find much lower areas of the roller coaster. I am so thankful for my Heart Family we have such a wonderful support group, I wish I could do more and hopefully will when I feel better. I also have a wonderful family that cares, I just wish we weren't all so busy with our crazy lives. Hopefully we will find a time this month to get together.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Flu Bug Still Here!

I wish I would have had the Flu shot now. The Flu bug is really annoying me.
I have been miserable with the Flu all day today and some of yesterday. I am really hoping and praying this is the end of this Flu episode. I am really worried about Isaac and Brianna getting it now. I think I am at the tail end of it. It has been a difficult day. Isaac is scheduled to see his Cardiologist tommorrow, I hope that everything runs smoothly. I am a little concerned about his heart function, he has had some problems lately that give me worries (frequent chest pain etc.)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Flu Season has arrived

Just when we thought the Holiday season was arriving, most of our family is down with the Flu. For some of us it started with a sore throat, others with various symptoms. Isaac is doing well so far, I hope and pray he doesn't get it. I am afraid he will because it usually happens that way when it goes around the family. It is possible he is the one that started with it when he had the croup. We are trying to stay home until we feel better and stay away from everybody. I think this might convince the rest of us to get Flu shots (Isaac had his about 10 days ago).

Friday, November 23, 2007

Where do you go to see a Free Movie?

The Free-aeter. This Morning when Isaac woke up he first asked "Did Santa Come Down The Chimney?" I said "It's not Christmas yet." Then Isaac asked "Can we go see the Bee Movie at the Free-aeter today?" I got a chuckle out of it and I said "No, Is the Free-ater is where you go see free movie's at?" he said yes. So all day I've been telling his joke because he came up with the whole idea.
Yesterday Isaac was really stressed he kept waiting all day for Santa to come down the chimney. Isaac knew it was a holiday and there has been so much hype about Christmas everywhere he was sure it had to be Christmas. I kept telling him it was not Christmas and Santa wouldn't come down the chimney but he couldn't accept it. I think he thinks were trying to get away without celebrating Christmas.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy your Holiday Weekend! We plan to have Thanksgiving dinner with Grandma Reenie at our house. We are going to keep it simple and have Turkey, Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, gravy, Veggies, and maybe some rolls. For dessert we are having Pumpkin Pie topped with whipped cream. We love Thanksgiving it is one of our favorite Holidays. After dinner we will go visit Grandma Southworth in the Nursing Home and take her some food. Please remember to be thankful for the simple things in life. Our family is so thankful to have each other and good health. There have been a lot of times our family have had close calls where we could of lost one or more of our family members. There are also many people in various situations that do not have a home, such as the recent fire victims in California. Please pray for our troops and their families, they have a lot of issues and challenges. There are also some of our friends who are struggling with health issues, pray for them too, Especially Kaidence who is waiting for a heart transplant. We all have a lot to be grateful for, count your blessings and you'll notice how truly blessed you are. I challenge you all to look for the positive and I canassure you that you will find it.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Croup Again!

Early Sunday morning Isaac started to panic, not being able to breathe. I tried giving him some cold saline in the Nebulizer which usually works, but he refused it. I threw his coat on and mine and ran with him outside to breathe the cool morning air. Thankfully it worked. After he was finally breathing better I gave him some Dexamethazone (a prescription for croup from the doctor), then tried cool saline in the Nebulizer again. What a panic for me it was. He usually cooperates, I was worried it was going to be a 9-1-1 call. To top it off I had to get up early in the morning for church because I had to teach in Primary. I was a few minutes late, but it all worked out in the end. Sunday afternoon Isaac started to cry in pain for several hours. Somehow he pulled a muscle in his neck. The pain later went down his arm, so I had to take him to Primary Children's Medical Center Emergency Room to check his heart. All with his heart checked out okay. He was not happy when they tried to get a blood draw and nothing would come out, I was mad too because they always send in someone that doesn't know how to draw blood from a heart patient. As many parents of heart kids know, It takes an expert to get blood drawn or an IV placed for our heart kids. His neck still hurts but he is able to avoid the pain by not moving it that direction. I added to his pain when I had him get a Flu shot yesterday. The muscle in his leg has been hurting from the shot.
This morning about 4AM another episode of croup. This time not as severe as Sunday. Isaac cooperated with the Nebulizer although he didn't want to, he took his Dexamethazone steroid and he went back to sleep. Much better this time although it wasn't easy getting up the kids for school and babysitting this morning.
Tonight we are having the LDS Sister Missionaries for dinner, I am sure we will enjoy it. I just have to get busy and clean-up before they arrive.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Thank Goodness for Friday's

Today is Friday, it has been a busy week. Isaac has been pretty healthy and I am enjoying him as a four and a half year old. Isaac comes up with some pretty funny things to make us all laugh. Isaac has a great sense of humor. Isaac has been enjoying watching Sponge Bob all week after the the New Sponge Bob Atlantis Squarepantis came out Monday. He has also been begging to go to the Bee Movie. However a movie for our family is not in our budget.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Here is a Picture of Isaac with Dr. Hawkins (Cardiothorasic Surgeon) and his Nurse Bonnie Clay. We are forever thankful for their dedication and expertise. Dr. Hawkins performed all of Isaac's Heart surgeries and Bonnie was also there every time. Dr. Hawkins was extra careful studing Isaac's heart especially because he had to do the surgery opposite of what he would usually do. Isaac's heart is flipped over backwards on the opposite side of his chest and it can be more confusing than driving a car in England or Japan for the first time. Dr. Puchalski is Isaac's Cardiologist, he has been wonderful to work with and would recommend him to any parent facing simular challenges. From the start Dr. Puchalski was exteremely careful to study every detail of Isaac's heart. Isaac's defects are very complex and we appreciate all of the staff who have taken good care of him at Primary Children's Medical Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.
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New Blog Today

This blog was created today. Please be patient, this page is still under construction. Thanks for stopping by. To read more about Isaac's journey visit Isaac's CarePage at CarePage Name: ISAACYANCEY

"B" is for Bubble

Isaac loves to play with bubbles in the Bath Tub
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