Monday, May 26, 2008

Butterfly Miracle and So Forth

Yesterday while we were at the graveyard visiting Isaac's Grandpa's grave, we saw a transparent mylar butterfly balloon float up to the sky with a small flag attached to the bottom. We watched as it floated away, then the wind shifted, bringing the balloon back down to a boy that had lost it from his loved ones grave. What a Memorial Day Miracle it was to see. I have NEVER seen a balloon float away outside towards the sky so high in the air come back down. I am sure the boy will never forget that experience for a long time.

Isaac also was disappointed at first to think there wasn't a gravestone marker with his name on it. We all gasped and my heart sank and explained to Isaac how sad we would all be if he died and the only way he could have a gravestone was to die. He finally understood and didn't stay dissappointed. I hope I will never see the day with any of my children's name on a gravestone of their own. How painful it must be to experience such a loss. I feel bad for the parents I have known and heard of who have had to endure such a trial. My heart goes out to them.

I can kind of relate to the parents who send their sons and daughters to war. It is much like the experience of putting your child through heart surgery and wondering if they will make it out of the hospital. The battle he fights with his heart each day is like some battlefronts, some days go without and event and others are like an ambush attack.

Isaac and his sisters Lauren & Brianna are still sick with Para-influenza today, Isaac is improving although he till has a bad cough. I am hoping they all get better soon & noone else catches it from us. We are avoiding close contact with anyone, however we can't stay in a plastic bubble for too long.