Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy Update

Monday Isaac had an Echocardiogram and a visit with Dr. Puchalski, his Cardiologist. Isaacs heart function is doing well, it hasn't got any worse. He still has only half a heart and a leaky tricuspid valve along with some other smaller heart issues, but he is doing well. He is still getting between 85-91% oxygen saturation which is normal for him and really great. Dr. Puchalski says he shouldn't need another visit for a year. I couldn't be happier with this report, Isaac is a living miracle. Isaacs recent virus scared us, and gave us lots of stress, however it is normal to see in heart kids. We are thankful we have had the last eight years with him. Isaac has helped us realize how blessed we truly are. We look forward to many more years with Isaac and are excited to see him grow and develop. We have learned to appreciate the simple pleasures in life, and don't regret this journey in the least.