Saturday, March 1, 2008

Another Heavy Snow Storm

The snow finally stopped for a while. Look at how deep it is now, it was coming down for a few hours. Earlier today we had strong winds, keeping me from getting in my car too quickly. Isaac was scared listening to the wind and watching it move the trees in our back yard. I hope the sun comes out again soon and melts the snow, we bought some seeds to plant last Thursday. We are really anxious for spring to arrive. Isaac is waiting for Easter, Brianna is excited for Spring. I am anxious for cold and flu season to end. I worry daily about someone in the family catching a bad flu and then Isaac getting it.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Future Librarian

Last night we visited the library. The first place Isaac runs to is the software. Last night it was no different, he went to find some computer software then went to the childrens area to look at the books. In the childrens area he found a software program in with some books and brought it to me and said "who did this?" I told him I didn't know but he could check it out if he wanted to. I got busy looking at books and when I got ready to check out, I asked him where the program was and he showed me (He had put it away where it was supposed to be). I thought it was so cute that he was so concerned about something out of place in the Library. As a side note the Library was the last place I worked before Isaac was born and it is Isaac's favorite place to go. It's kind of funny because I never pushed him in that direction, he just loves the library and I do too.