Monday, June 24, 2013

Yearly Visit a Success

Isaac ready for his yearly visit to PCMC Cardiology
Isaac started with an Echocardiogram

Isaac gets an EKG before he visits with his cardiologist.

Isaac has been blessed to only need a yearly visit for the past few years.  Last June Isaac had a heart cath to close the fenestration in his Fontan.  Ever since the heart cath, Isaac's oxygen saturations have been in the low 90's (which is really good for his condition).  Today the cardiologist said that his heart is stable.  I am relieved to know that nothing has changed for the worse.  He still only has half a heart, and he still has a leaky tricuspid valve, and this does not mean he is cured, however he is able to live like a healthy boy for a while and that is a huge blessing.  One piece of good news this time is that his medicine has been decreased to one time a day and will possibly be eliminated next visit in a year.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Isaac is a Toughboy

Last night I was reading through my email and I came across a membership permission from a website for kids that Isaac had signed up with.  I asked him if he had signed up for this, and he said yes.  I looked at the login name with surprise, thinking maybe his dad helped him come up with his login name, so I asked him if he had help picking out a login.  Isaac said he did the whole thing all by himself.  The name he chose for himself was "Toughboy."  Wow I love how he came up with this on his own.  I am glad Isaac realizes that he really is tough.  It's good to know that he has developed a good self esteem.  I am so blessed to have this toughboy as my son, he never ceases to amaze me.