Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Close Call, Too Close for Comfort

Late last night as I went to check on the laundry in my basement, I experienced walking right through a Black Widow web. I immediately went quickly to the other side of the web, turned around and there she was ready to bite me. As Lauren calls it "I rang her dinner bell". I screamed for Mike to help me and he came down and almost ran into her himself. He took off his shoes and smashed her between the two of them since she was hanging. This is the closest I have come to getting bit by a black widow, that I am aware of. I am blessed to have not been bitten and to my amazement, I didn't wake the sleeping kids upstairs. Anyway, I stayed up late until I could get it more off of my mind. I still had dreams about spiders, but not as bad as could be expected.

Monday, April 14, 2008

April Flowers

Spring has arrived!
Our daffodils have finally bloomed and we are enjoying some warmer temperatures. The girls were excited to wear shorts to school today. Isaac got so thirsty yesterday that when he finished drinking a drink he didn't remember drinking it and accused everybody for drinking it (he did this twice). We kept laughing because he was so serious when he thought someone drank his drinks and he was sure someone kept drinking all of his drinks, finally I told them they must have evaporated due to the hot weather. Isaac's health is much better today, than a week ago. We'll hope and pray that Isaac and the rest of our family stays healthy and that we can enjoy lots of beautiful weather in the days and weeks to come.