Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Brief Update

I've been too busy to update lately. However, I just wanted to update on Isaac's health. On October 5th, Isaac had stage 2 of his ear surgery. It went really well & healed extremely fast this time. Also he was blessed to have many people pray for him, which I believed help Isaac be almost completely free of pain. There was discomfort, but not pain medication needed after surgery. Isaac is really happy with his ear. Isaac loves Doctor Fairbanks, the plastic surgeon. This is another blessing, to have a wonderful doctor who genuinely cares for his patients. I've noticed his patients are passionate about doctor Faibanks, he is one of a kind.
Isaac saw his Cardiologist on October 21st (his Dad's birthday also). THe report was good. He said that Isaac's heart was still leaking, however not any worse than before. It's too risky to fix at this point. I hope we find a way for it to heal on it's own without surgical intervention. Even Heart Catherizations make me nervous, I've heard stories about Cath nightmares. Anyway, I am thankful Isaac is stable. I try not to worry about when things might change. I am always thinking about how to not take our time together for granted, as well as my other children. I have a perspective that is weird to some, and too real to others. I try to live my life with no regrets.
Isaac won an Award of Merit today for a Reflections project he entered at his school. He is real happy that he won, even though it was not a medal. His sister Brianna won five medals today in the same competition.
Thanks, to all of you who stop by to check on Isaac, I appreciate your concern.