Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Isaac's Christmas 2012

Isaac's favorite gift this Christmas is his "Angry Birds Knock on Wood Game."  He plays with it over and over.  Isaac likes to build various towers and knock them down, by catapulting angrybird characters at his towers.  Isaac also received an Angry Bird Shirt and Puzzle, among his presents.  Isaac was extremely excited for Christmas this year, as he usually is.  He enjoyed getting a phone call from Santa a few days before Christmas, it made Christmas fun.  Although Isaac believes in Santa and enjoys getting presents, he knows that the true meaning of Christmas is celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ and worshiping him.  A few days before Christmas, Isaac received an envelope in the mail.  The envelope was filled with Christmas cards from a Seminary class in American Fork.  We pulled out one card at a time and read them, taking about an hour to read them all.  Isaac was overwhelmed at the love these people showed him, and even more, his parents were overwhelmed with grattitude for these special cards, which had so much thought put into them.  It is really nice to know that there are still a lot of good teens in the world, with so much to offer.  I can see the teens that wrote these cards making great progress as future leaders.  What a beautiful spirit of Christmas these cards brought.  It is interesting to think that 10 years ago, we were anxiously awaiting the birth of Isaac, and wondering so much about him.  I am thankful we have been blessed to have the past ten years with Isaac, it is more than the doctors ever believed he would live.