Thursday, December 29, 2011

Isaac's Followup appointment today

I have been a bit of an emotional wreck today. I took Isaac to his followup visit today. While we were there I worked on filming my short documentary. I was doing pretty good until his wounds started to get uncovered. First the doctor took off the bandage from his chest and it was swollen like a huge bubble on his chest, the doctor said it was full of fluid. Next the doctor removed the bandage from his ear; the ear was swollen as I expected and looked very painful. Soon it was time to numb the incision on his chest and drain the fluid. Isaac was crying from the pain of having the bandages removed and started to cry about the procedure being done on his chest. I tried keeping Isaac calm, but it was difficult because at the same time I am smelling alcohol from the numbing shot and watching it as it slowly enters his chest as I hear him cry. At that moment I started to feel nausea and weakness, I was overcome with all of the stress of thinking my poor boy was suffering with pain and fear and I could barely keep it together. I let the doctor and his assistant know I was going to pass out, then we hurried me to the floor and I immediately passed out. I woke up a little confused and remembered where I was. the doctor checked my blood pressure and it was very low, then my pulse and it was a little high. I was given a coke and some rest and I recovered. While I was recovering me the doctor told me Isaac had a Hematoma, a complication from surgery. I was shown the hematoma, it kind of scared me to think of what could have happened with that blood clot. Isaac remained calm the whole time I was on the floor and didn't cry, he was aware of what was happening, but was brave and helped me stay calm. On the way home I talked to him, he let me know that he was mostly scared and that is why he cried during the numbing shot. I knew he was crying from pain when the bandages were removed, but I didn't know when the cry changed from pain to fear. I am relieved that the shot didn't hurt, but feel kind of bad that I got so stressed over it now that I know how he felt. I don't like my kids to see me in situations like that, but he handled it well. To top it off, I seem to have PMS making it worse.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Isaac's surgery went well. The surgery lasted almost 4 hours. The surgeon made a few incisions on his left ear to smooth out any of the creases and curves, and he opened up a pocket that was made on his chest to save some cartilege for later. Isac took several hours recovering in Post-op and went home about 10PM vomitting half of the way home and then some more at home. The first 24 hours after surgery are always the worst. His main source of pain was the incision on his chest. Now his ear is starting to hurt more, although he refuses Tylenol to help it accept at bedtime. Isaac will have his followup visit on Thursday. It is had to believe almost a week has gone by, it went really fast. Isaac was still able to enjoy Christmas, and was happy with each and every present.