Friday, September 19, 2008

We are Home!

Isaac and I are home from the hospital now. He is feeling much better. He had a very diffucult time his first day, the anesthesia made him extremely sick, enough for me to seriously think of never doing it again. He is really sore in a couple of places. hopefully, I will do a good enough job taking care of him that it will heal well. Plastic surgery wound care is completely something new to me. Isaac mentioned today how he feels embarrased about his ear cover/bandage. He feels like people are making fun of him, and I never heard anyone at the hospital say anything rude. He will be in a lot of isolation for a while so it can heal well and he won't have to face the public shock of looking at it. He really looked concerned when he saw himself in the mirror for the first time. Sorry if I didn't post much until now, I was real busy taking care of Isaac, and when I slipped out for a minute to update the computers at Primary Children's didn't work out well enough for me.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

GoodBye Little Ear, We'll Miss You!

Our hearts are heavy as we say good bye to Isaac's little ear. We really will miss this cute little ear, it is one of the things that makes Isaac unique. We honestly think it is such a cute little ear, but not everyone in Isaac's future will think it is so cute, therefore the doctors insist it is best to build him a new one. I feel so guilty as a mom putting him through another surgery, especially one that seems non-essential. Hopefully the new ear will help him wear sunglasses more easily and give him the self esteem he will need later. I know this isn't as serious as heart surgery, but it does worry me about the pain I am putting him through. When they do each stage of this surgery, they will harvest cartiledge from his ribs which sounds really painful. Please say a little prayer for Isaac that his surgery and recovery will go smoothly without a glitch. His sisters and Dad will miss seeing Isaac for a few days, hopefully we can make the time pass quickly. If you have time to visit on Thursday, Friday or maybe Saturday, please stop by his room for a visit. His surgery will probably be scheduled tomorrow morning and might last about two hours.
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