Saturday, January 26, 2008

"Why Are Their Heads Chopped Off?"

As we walked through Kohls department store admiring the different mannequins last night, we came to some that had no heads or arms, suddenly Isaac said in a suprised tone " Why are their heads chopped off, and their arms?" I replyed saying "Maybe they were bad." Isaac didn't take it as a joke at first, he had a real concerned look on his face. Now he knows I was just being funny. I will never look at mannequis the same again. I never thought of it before that their heads were chopped off, I always just looked at it as fashion.

Isaac's other funny perspective is, when he sees a handicapped/disabled sign he says "look a man on the potty." The first time he came up with that one we were in the dollar store at the checkout (he made some of the people in line laugh).

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Box Is More Fun Than The Toy

Have you ever heard that the box is more fun than the toy? Well, here is proof. Isaac calls this his rocket. Isaac bought the toy a couple of days ago and is now enjoying the box.

Today Isaac went to the Museum of Natural History at University of Utah with his Preschool class for a field trip. Isaac saw lots of dinosaur bones as well as other animals native to Utah. Isaac also enjoyed the cool rocks he saw. On the way back he enjoyed a nap on the bus. Daddy was jealous he couldn't go on the field trip because he had to attend his college math class.
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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Isaac says he's COLD!

Isaac's nose is running and he is frusterated. He says "I am COLD" which means he is frusterated with having a cold and he needs his nose wiped again. I am worried that this will mean croup tonight. Tommorrow he has a field trip to the Museum of Natural History with his preschool class. I am hoping he is doing better by then, but I know colds are never over in a day. I wonder if I should have let Isaac's friend come over to get babysat when she was having symptoms of a cold. I really need the money and I don't want to seem too overprotective, but at the same time I wonder if it will cost me in doctor bills & mileage to the hospital, not to mention the stress. Anyway for now Isaac has a cold, I hope and pray that it doesn't get worse. For now we will just sing & dance to the "Jailhouse Rock" doing Karaoke to forget about our troubles.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Double Birthday Bash

About a week before Brianna's second Birthday, Isaac was born. It was a crazy and stressfull time that year, I remember having Brianna's 2nd Birthday celebration in the Hospital Cafeteria. Brianna had her first Birthday Party with friends when she turned five. This year Isaac turned five and had his first Birthday Party with friends and we combined it with Brianna's Birthday Party. We had a total of ten kids show up for a grand total of thirteen including our three. We had an interesting party. We had planned to have a Karaoke Dance Party, however only a few kids wanted to stay downstairs for the planned activities, the rest ran upstairs to play with toys. Therefore we played Hulabaloo, The Animal Game, Squeek Piggy Squeek, and Wackamole. We enjoyed Strawberry Cheesecake instead of the traditional birthday cake. Isaac didn't eat anything he is too picky and was too anxious to open the presents. We later went to Wal-Mart and Isaac spent some of his Birthday money on another Pixel Chix toy. Isaac is crazy about pixel chix. Pixel Chix is a video game witha 2D girl or pet living in a 3D world. Brianna also used some of her Birthday money to buy a "Roomies" Pixel Chix toy. For more info on Brianna go to her blog which is:
We were all staying pretty healthy until yesterday Lauren came down with the Flu. I also felt a little run down and not feeling to well, but not as bad as a usual flu. Hopefully we will all be healthy and feeling great tommorrow.
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