Tuesday, August 12, 2008

All in A Day

Shortly after midnight, early Monday morning we felt an Earthquake here in Magna. It was a bit scary, but no damage. Lauren had just nodded off to sleep when she awoke to me yelling Earthquake. Then I had to lie to convince her it was just Hercules or ATK testing their rocket boosters so that she would calm down and go back to sleep.
Monday was an average Monday, uneventful throughout the day. At a few minutes before midnight Mike called me to inform me that he was in an automobile accident on the way home from work just a few blocks from our house. The truck was "totaled" completely down the driver side of the truck. Mike wasn’t injured other than his body a little sore and his ears ringing from the loud bang. The girl that hit him was 16 and driving with only a learners permit, and had the confidence enough to text message as she was driving. Anyway, noone was badly injured because everyone wore their seatbelts. Because the truck was about twelve years old we probably won’t be able to afford to replace it, due to the low value. It will be difficult for a while, trying to walk places when Mike is at work, however it will probably get us in better physical shape. Isaac is not even upset about the truck. I asked Isaac if he is sad that he can’t ride in Daddy’s truck and he answered "No, cause we can walk". Isaac loves it when Daddy takes him for an occasional walk (usually he rides on Daddy’s shoulders or in his Stroller/wheelchair).

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