Friday, November 23, 2007

Where do you go to see a Free Movie?

The Free-aeter. This Morning when Isaac woke up he first asked "Did Santa Come Down The Chimney?" I said "It's not Christmas yet." Then Isaac asked "Can we go see the Bee Movie at the Free-aeter today?" I got a chuckle out of it and I said "No, Is the Free-ater is where you go see free movie's at?" he said yes. So all day I've been telling his joke because he came up with the whole idea.
Yesterday Isaac was really stressed he kept waiting all day for Santa to come down the chimney. Isaac knew it was a holiday and there has been so much hype about Christmas everywhere he was sure it had to be Christmas. I kept telling him it was not Christmas and Santa wouldn't come down the chimney but he couldn't accept it. I think he thinks were trying to get away without celebrating Christmas.


Anonymous said...

That is such a cute story about Isaac. I love it! I wish sometmes I was a kid again to because it just seemed like Christmas would never come and then you become an adult and it comes way to quick.
The Quigleys

Anonymous said...

I am a Make A Wish volunteer in San Diego. I had the pleasure of meeting Isaac and his beautiful family when I was assigned to be their greeter. I mention my chance meeting with the family on every opportunity I get. I will never forget the way the family has rallied around Isaac and the love they have for one another and those that they meet. I will always feel a connection to these wonderful people, and I know that God will continue to bless Isaac with good health and the family will continue to flourish!
God Bless you Yancey Family!!
Rosalyn Hackworth