Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Croup 4 Christmas!

On Christmas Eve Isaac woke up about 3:30 with croup. I did the usual stuff for croup, first was cold saline in the Nebulizer, second I gave him Dexamethazone (a steroid) to open his airway. We got so little sleep the last two days are kind of a blur and blend together. Christmas Eve he went to bed earlier than usual but still very late for a kid, only to wake up again at 1:30 AM with croup problems again, repeating the croup treatment (saline and steroids). He figured out Santa had just come and had to start ripping open presents, He would open one and then say "Where is my name, Where is my name?" Meaning "Where is another present with my name on it?" Isaac opened everything he could find saving only three he couldn't find to open later that morning. Then everyone but me stayed up to watch "Rattatouie" (because I was up until almost One AM doing Santa business). Isaac woke up again at 8:30 in the morning with more croup and a Saline treatment. After, he had everyone wake up again to open presents. During all of this I was having extreme arthitis pain in my back due to the huge snowstorm that hit us on Christmas Eve. I did my best to let the kids enjoy their day, I let them play and be noisy, make messes etc. I went to bed last night late and very exhausted. I slept soundly most of the night only to have bad dreams about croup issues. Isaac has learned more about croup than anyone his age. I couldn't even count all the times Isaac has had croup on my fingers and toes if I wanted, I would run out. If you can't tell I'm worn out and frusterated. However, I still know that it could always be worse. I am thankful that it hasn't been as bad as it could be. I have learned well from the past and don't even want to go there with the possibilities. I feel my body fighting, I have swollen glands in my neck and minor headaches. I am hoping my body wins before I am down in bed.


carolyn q said...

Oh, I hope that you can start feeling better and get some rest. I also hope that Isaac can get over this croup that he has to battle.
It's amazing how even when kids feel the worst they still have enough energy for Christmas presents.
Nathan loved the Christmas cards your kids made and mailed to him. He thought it was wonderful. SO thank you. I apologize we didn't get any mailed off. With trying to get bears done in time, I had to let something go and Christmas cards was it. I know that Nathan will want to send Isaac a Birthday Card next month though.