Sunday, December 30, 2007

Looking forward to a Happy New Year

Today I think we will all stay home. My voice is fading in and out. I think it is my version of "The Croup". We have all been having flu symptoms on and off for days now. Isaac's health seems to be improving. I hope this doesn't set the pace for the New Year. We will just have our own little New Years Party at home where we snack on fattening empty calorie foods and yell Happy New Year out the front door. I hope I can Yell, "Happy New Year". Just Incase I can't yell Happy New Year tommorrow, here it goes..."HAPPY NEW YEAR!"

Isaac understands that Christmas is over and won't be bugging us saying "Is Santa going to come down the chimney?" The New phrase for the next two weeks is "Is it my Birthday?" and we all answer "No, not yet." He does this several times a day and gets upset when we say No. I might have to keep it a secret from him that we will have a party with his friends a few days later. Unless we want to hear something like "Is my party today?" over and over.
Don't get me wrong, I am glad Isaac is going through this stage it is cute and it will be a funny memory later. I still have the perspective knowing that I could be completely missing these stages if he weren't here. I am so thankful I get to enjoy the time I have with my kids, they grow up so fast.