Thursday, January 17, 2008


Yes! Massages are the best healthy form of stress relief. I had a wonderful relaxing massage today, given by Sharon. The massage has helped me release some of the tension and stress in my muscles. I have been under a lot of physical stress lately. Especially with all of the deep cleaning I have been doing around the house. Some people might say massages are expensive, I say they are worth every penny and I'm worth it. I have learned in the past few years I cant live without at least a few massages a year minimum. It is even worth it to share my punch card with my husband. Can you imagine how much it can help a relationship? It helps my relationship with my husband and I. I can't say our marriage is perfect, however massages release a lot of tension. Massages have saved me from pain & spending more time, & money at the doctors office. I personally would rather hand over my money to a massage therapist to help my sore muscles and relieve my headaches than to a docotrs office. It's not that I am against doctors at all, it's just that when my muscles hurt and are tight I get a massage. I know that some people with their health situation need to consult a doctor before getting a massage and I completely understand that (especially heart issues). Sharon at Magna Therapeutic Massage is a Great Massage Therapist and I would recommend her to anyone needing a massage.
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