Thursday, May 22, 2008

Today's ENT visit

Today Isaac had a visit with Dr. Muntz (the Ear, Nose & Throat specialist) at P.C.M.C. He said that Isaac needs to be seen by an Orthodontist to determine weather his jaw placement needs to be moved before he can do surgery on his middle ear. He also recommended Isaac having plastic surgery on his outer ear, in about a year (between Kindergarten & first Grade). He said that they have to harvest cartilage from his ribs to use to build the ear. I talked to him about Isaac’s reoccurring croup including the current virus he’s suffering with today and he said the virus can last up to six weeks and he also recommended he have a Modified Barium Swallow Study & an Upper GI to find out if his Esophagus has narrowing and rule out reflux. I will just have to wait and see on all of this possible surgery, I have to be completely convinced all of this will be in Isaac's best interest. I will listen to what the doctors reccommend and My husband and I will make the final decision. My husband and I are not ready to put him through surgery again, unless we are convinced it is worth risking his life for it (as all surgery has it's risks). For sure we understand that feeding issues are vital, however cosmetic surgery for aesthetic reasons are lower on our list although can be thought provoking. His hearing is just a little below normal range on the left side, therefore we will possibly fix it if it is simple and very low risk.