Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bird Watching

Today is a Beautiful Day and Isaac just whispered "There is a Robin". Isaac loves watching the birds out our back sliding glass door. We also have some stray cats that show up sometimes (a Mommy cat and two new kittens). Not always the perfect mix of animals in our backyard, sometimes we see feathers scattered across the yard from a small bird predator. A few months ago we saw a hawk in one of our trees, plucking the feathers out of a smaller bird (it was sad for us to see) although we do understand the food chain.
I also can't help to think of one of our little heart friends today "Rhett", he is recovering from heart surgery and is still in a lot of pain. He is another "Bird" I'm watching from the "Bird Flock", I hope he returns to his "Bird House" soon feeling much better.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Austin H. Needs Prayers

Austin called me today, it was so neat to talk to him again. He sounded like he was doing better than he was a week ago, when I last talked to him. He said he was having surgery tommorrow (Monday) but he didn't know the details of what the surgery was called, his Mom tried to tell me in the background but I could'nt hear her well enough. He sounded like he could use a friend, it sounds like he is getting real tired of being stuck in the hospital. I can only imagine how boring it could be for someone his age. His Mom told me he was hit by a car recently and also had a couple of brain surgeries. He has Hydrocephalus, a heart defect, and hearing issues (like Isaac). He has a lot in common with Isaac, however he has been through much more, especially because he is seven years older than Isaac. This picture above is Austin in August of 2005. I tried to get to know him better in the past, but I always seemed to have bad timing when I wanted to talk to him and his mom. I have ran into him several times in the past five years, mostly just in passing, but I was very impressed with his outgoing personality. The first time I saw him I was attending a sign language class at DDI and he was helping the instructor a little with sign language. He was so cute and enthusiastic. The second time was very brief at our HOHU picnic in 2005. Other times, I passed him or his mom at PCMC Cardiology. When he gets better he will have an amazing impact on the members of our new IHH support group (being 12 years old, he could give us a lot of great input). Please keep Austin in your prayers, he can make a huge difference in our world, we need more people like him.
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