Friday, December 26, 2008

Aproaching the New Year

We are now aproaching 2009 with hope for a healthier New Year. We have had a virus hanging onto our family for several weeks now. Isaac has had croup twice in the last six weeks. We hope that all of our friends and family will be able to count their blessings throughout the years to follow. We see miracles happen often and Earthly Angels everywhere although it is hard to miss the opposing side all around us. This Christmas we have had several Earthly Angels send Annonymous gifts and money, and we are quite suprised at how generous people still are although the economy is in trouble. We feel very loved with this outpouring of love towards our family. We never even applied for any gifts through a Charity, the gifts and money came as a total surprise. I thank the Lord everyday for the friendships I have made through the local CHD support group, I also pray for these families daily and their struggles. I hope those who read this blog will find some plateaus at the top of their roller coaster throughout the coming year. We are so blessed to have your support, just knowing there is someone who understands our struggles means a lot.