Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Flu has arrived

I was really hoping Isaac could avoid the flu, however, Isaac got sick with the stomache flu at school today. This is the first time any of my kids have got so sick at school that they lost their stomache contents all over their clothing. Poor Isaac, I felt so bad when I heard he was so sick at school. I hope he never has to go through that kind of humiliation and pain again. He seems to have a mild case of the flu, but it's not over yet, he said his stomache still hurts tonight. I hope the flu shot makes it as mild as possible. It really scares me when Isaac gets sick like this, because he gets more pale blue than anything I have ever had to experience. I am sure it really scared his teacher when she saw it. I hope none of the kids in Isaacs class get sick with the flu he might have spread.


carolyn q said...

I hope that it doesn't stick around and that Isaac can bounce back well from this.
Poor kid, sorry about him throwing up. Not fun at all.
Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.