Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Can't Seem to Escape From Croup

Isaac Can not seem to escape from getting croup. Last week on Thursday I took him to the doctor for a cough he had had for about a week, his Oxygen saturations were down to 83% which worried me and the doctor a bit. Isaac acted pretty normal but looked pale most of the weekend. Early Monday morning the virus turned into the croup. It was very scary due to the fact that he hadn't had croup for a few months and I had trouble finding tubes to hook up to the Nebulizer, he was in a terrible panic struggling to breathe and I was running out of time quickly. With direction from above I finally found what I needed under a mess in my room. I felt like an emotional wreck. I gave him the Dexamethazone shortly after and finally felt some relief. Isaac and I had a little nap & went to the Pediatrician around noon. Isaacs Pediatrician looked at him and noticed his oxygen saturations made it back up to 86% which helped me breathe a little easier. I was thankful he was doing much better. Isaac received his Flu shot, but has been upset about having to get it. He is still sore today. Isaac finally went back to school after missing five days due to the cough & croup. His friends and teacher were happy to see him & he seemed happy too. I just worry that after having steroids so much, his immune system will have a hard time fighting off the different germs around. I pray that he can be strong and avoid getting sick.