Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Miracles in reading

Last Night Isaac realized for the first time he could read Hop on Pop. It was so exciting to see him read the book with very little help. This was the first time he even tried reading the book. Last time we read the book it was several months ago when he had not put words together yet. Isaac is not even in Kindergarten yet and he can read and spell words so well, it is amazing. He is reading words younger than either of his sisters did at his age. Isaac loves the Library, it is his favorite place. It is interesting that Isaac loves the place I worked while I was expecting him as much as I do, maybe even more. Honestly I believe he was watching me from Heaven before he was born and grew to love it there. The Library is part of Heaven on Earth. I am sure my friends at the Library agree with that statement much of the time. Although I know there are people who occasionally come in the library making it an unpleasant experience. Some of what is so amazing about Isaac reading is that doctors predicted that before he was born he would have brain damage due to his Hydrocephalus. The doctor that first talked to us tried to convince us that Isaac had too many problems and might want to consider abortion. NEVER would I even consider it even if it meant I would die. I do not believe in taking away anyones chance at survival away. I am so thankful for the Many Miracles I've been able to experience as a mother. Many people would laugh at the things I see as miracles, the simplest things can be a miracle. It is all in your perspective. Once you get that perspective you see everything in a different light and you realize how blessed you really are.