Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Birthday Week

Isaac had a great Birthday, although it was quieter (less eventful) than some birthdays. Quiet is good, I've learned to appreciate less eventful days. Isaac started the day opening his most wanted present (another Pixel Chix). Isaac can't seem to get enough Pixel Chix. At Isaac's Preschool Class we passed out some of his favorite snacks (Chicken Nuggets and Chocolate milk). Isaac is quite unique when it comes to eating, that is why it is such an unusual birthday treat (Isaac doesn't eat Birthday Cake). After school he opened his last two presents ( a book and a Hullabaloo game). After dinner Isaac blew out his candles on his mini Birthday cake. We enjoyed eating his piece for him. After cake & Ice Cream we played Hulabaloo (sort of like Twister but not as difficult). Isaac cried when the day was over because he didn't want his birthday to end. Daddy had to miss out on most of Isaac's Birthday due to college & work ( that is why we didn't have anybody come over and join us).
On Friday Isaac & Brianna will have a combined party with some of their friends (we couldn't invite all of their friends due to the size of our house and having to keep the party inside). I have been deep cleaning all week trying to dejunk our home. The Party gave me a good excuse to get some work done. I am so worn out, I scheduled a massage tommorrow with my favorite massage therapist. If anybody needs a great massage I can refer them, she is great. I will be out of massages on my punch card after tommorrow, so I will purchase one after I get my taxes back. Anyway, Brianna's 7th birthday is on Tuesday. Looking back it's hard to believe she was the same girl I gave birth to. Brianna has changed so much, she used to be so cute and chubby, now she is so thin and pretty. Brianna is amazing, just like Lauren and Isaac, though very unique in her special ways.