Friday, August 8, 2008

Isaac's PCMC Visit Yesterday

Isaac had his swallow study yesterday and everything was normal. After, we saw Dr. Muntz and discussed his ear issues. Dr. Muntz is going to do a three step surgery to rebuild Isaac's outer ear. He will have to cut away cartilege from Isaacs ribs in his chest each time to use for building his ear. The first of three surgeries will start in about a month and will be every six weeks until it is done. I am nervous and already getting presurgery jitters. I know some of you might be thinking this is a small surgery compared to heart surgery, and it is. However, It is still risky to do any surgery on anyone, especially a kid with heart issues. He is expected to be in the hospital approximately four days after surgery, however I understand things can not always go as expected but I will hope and pray for the best. After his outer ear is fixed, he will be getting his inner ear fixed, due to his hearing loss. but I think I will need more than a six week recess.


Valerie said...

That is what we heard for Alexia. The three-stage reconstruction.

bmann said...

Good luck with Isaac's surgery he is such a cutie. I totally know the nervousness and presurgery jitters. Even though it's not as big of a surgery compared to heart surgery it's still scarey and hard to see your child go through one more thing. What day does he go in? Brylee has another surgery August 28 and we'd love to meet you if we were there at the same time.

Diane Mann