Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Isaac's Room Reveal

Nestled in a comfortable quiet neighborhood of South Jordan is the beautiful country cottage built by Peterson homes. Yesterday we were warmly greeted by many familiar friendly faces as we entered this home for Isaac's room reveal. Barrett Peterson gave a a tour of many of the rooms while we waited for all of the guests to arrive. Danyelle decorated the home quite beautifully in style. The moment arrived when Isaac entered the bedroom decorated in his honor. There on two walls, was was a large mural of beautiful sea life as weremembered from Isaac's Sea World wish. Isaac enjoyed every part of the room down to the last detail. In the room was also a fun table for art and play. This room as well as the rest of the home is a "must see". There are only a couple weeks left to see this in the Parade of Homes, if you haven't seen it yet, set a date and mark it on your calendar. We Thank All who contributed to this special room honoring Isaac, it means so much to our whole family. Here is Isaac along with Barrett Peterson and Danyelle Layton in the room. Behind them you can see the mural and some bubbles with live fish in them. On the bed are some sea life pillows as well as the sheets.

Our Family, from left to right, Mike, Isaac, Brianna, Me (Djinni), and Lauren


Valerie said...

This is the first time I have read Issac's bio. Whoa!!! Alexia, my 22 year old heart child was born with some similar things.

Alexia's heart defect is DORV, repaired at 4. Nystagmus (shaky eyes), missing left ear (entirely) and Hydrocephalus, she has had a shunt since birth and only one revision when she was 4.

Very interesting! Sweet room, congrats Issac!

Valerie said...

Alexia never cared to get her ear fixed, in fact, it doesn't bother her at all. We have always left it up to her. Maybe one day she will but I doubt it. Did they ever confirm a Syndrome with Issac? They tried with alexia but never did.